Sunday, 23 November 2014

a place for my jewellery

You know those days when you just have to make something, and finish it, just so you can feel like you're actually achieving something?

For so long I've been working on things which need time before I can have the satisfaction of the finished job... like working in the garden, planting seeds or working in the casita. It'll be a while before I can share the fruits of those labours... they're more work in progress (or an ongoing never ending battle).

So, I decided it was time to tackle something I could finish in a few hours.

For a while now that I've known I need somewhere to keep my jewellery. I don't have tons of it, but I do have a few things I like to wear. And when I finish wearing something I tend to hang it on the nearest doorknob.

Not ideal.

I also didn't want to make it a statement piece. I like the pretty ideas on Pinterest but didn't want something that made my jewellery a feature. So I measured the width of the wardrobe and found a long frame I had which would fit on the side. The idea being that it would be there, easy to reach but not on the wall like art.

In the spirit of quick and easy (and cheap), I didn't remove the print and replace it with something I could screw cup hooks into, I just taped up the frame and sprayed the print with gloss black (cause that's all I had and hey, silver looks good on black). I then used transparent plastic sticky hooks for hangers.

Did I mention easy?

Since the wardrobe is now white (and still unfinished), the frame looks nice with the original timber and white finish. Maybe I'll paint it one day, but it will do for now.


Saturday, 22 November 2014

the answer to everything is WHITE

I like to surround myself with clever and talented people.. (Or maybe clever and talented people are attracted to me cause I'm so clever and talented...) Either way, I have really great friends who inspire me constantly.

One of those friends is my newest BFF, Patrice, who lives just down the road from here. She moved to Tasmania from interstate not long ago and we met through this very blog. She'd just bought a house and was thinking about renovating her kitchen, did a google search and found my kitchen remodel.

Small world.

We don't see eachother that much despite the fact that you could probably throw a stone from my housed to hers cause we're both always so busy - what with work and houses to dismantle and put back together... but we love to compare notes and give eachother ideas for even more projects.

Wayne has rued the day I met Patrice.

A couple of weeks ago Patrice got into high gear with her guest room as she was expecting a visitor. I love what she's done with it. Makes my guest room look downright drab and gloomy.

I'm going to share the pics Patrice sent me of the room before and after. I think the transformation is amazing and its so simple and was done really cheaply.

Basically she just painted everything Dulux Antique White USA and made her own curtains (which she's not happy with but they're ok for now or for the next few months or forever depending on her inspiration and financial situation).

This is the room before.

What? Aren't guest rooms always storage areas?

This is the room now. All fresh and bright.

Painting the walls and bed white instantly brightened the place up. Taking inspiration from the green pillow covers she selected a fabric for the curtains which looked good in the shop but turned out a little too lime for her taste. Ain't that always the way?

She also repainted this gorgeous little dresser she's had for years. I think its on its 34th coat of paint now.

It used to be a lot smaller...

You can't tell in the pic above but she repainted an old chair the same dark green in the cat print. And notice below: no more dark brown door!

Clean and simple, right?

Love it.

I think I may have to find an excuse to go stay over one night.

Just to try it out...


Friday, 21 November 2014

homestead news

Summer is on its way down under and the grass is growing at lightening speed (except for all the bald patches on our 'lawn' where I poisoned all the weeds). The vegetable patch is starting to produce stuff.

Strawberries actually. Only strawberries. This is my first bowl from the garden. They're the sweetest tastiest strawberries I've ever had!

Last weekend I lay straw around the strawberry plants to stop them growing on the ground and keep them slightly above slug dining level. And Matthew and I made a frame and put up bird netting. We used scrap wood which we cut up as stakes, then tied some thin old moulding (which had been left in the yard by the previous owner) to create a cage. We used hay bale twine to tie it all together.

Very pretty. In a redneck kind of way.

Then we put flat head nails down the side of the garden box so we can hook the net down tight.

A good job I think. Today's strawberry crop was less chewed on than the odd strawberry I'd been picking lately.

This morning while I groomed, Matthew came around again to do a bit more work on the tyre wall and I got him to move the poor abused pussy willows to a better spot. Here they are at the side of the casita, to the left of the vegetable garden. Five of the seven I'd originally had.

Those poor trees have had the roughest time in their short lives. Firstly, they were just sticks I cut off the trees I had in Fentonbury before I moved here. Pussy willows will grow from sticks. I'd originally put them in the ground just below the dam.

Our dam is spring fed and it leaks. I wanted something to take up some of that water.

We put some electric fence up around them to keep the horses out and they grew for a while.

Then we had to move the electricity to another fence (you know, we play games with it, some days this fence is on, some days that one's on... it amuses us), the horses got in and gave them a haircut.

We put the fence back on and they grew again.

Then we needed to dam shored up so we dug them out and moved them to a spot on the far side of the back paddock, near the creek. Plenty of moisture there too.

We put up posts and tied electric fence wire around it to keep the horses out. They looked like they died for a while, but then they came back. The trees, not the horses.

The horses realised the fence wasn't on and they gave them another haircut.

We gave up. They were just sticks with roughly chewed ends for a long time. Then this spring they got new growth.

The other day I was thinking how I want more trees in the yard but we don't actually have anywhere to put them, and it dawned on me that I could plant trees outside the vegetable garden, outside our yard... and that I could still enjoy them there.

Best of both worlds. The trees won't stop the sun on the vegie patch, only in the late afternoon. They'll give us a bit of a screen from the road and the house opposite us way down there. And once they're grown enough they'll also provide a bit of a wind break and give the horses a bit more shelter.

So today Matthew dug them up and planted them for the third time.

Third time lucky don't they say?

We put up another fake electric fence with lots of wire and stakes and even angled posts to keep it strong.

Fingers crossed this time.