Tuesday, 1 September 2015

a hardworking little box

Guess what?

This post isn't about something made with wire!

This is a little project I've had on the go for quite a while... Took me ages to finish it, then ages to get around to photographing it. But here it is...

I started with a plain box on castors I picked up at a tip shop. I couldn't find any before photos and, natually, I didn't take any before I began work on it. It was all the same colour you can see inside in the pic below - an orangey stained timber.


First thing I did was sand back the outside and give it a coat of paint.

Or four.

I started with white, then pink, then turquoise and lastly a pale grey. Mainly cause I couldn't make up my mind, but also cause I wanted it to look patchy.

That was the easy bit. Then I had to make a box for the drawer. In theory, how hard is it to make a box?


I made the front using a collection of timber bits from the hardware store bin. Then I used some 12mm MDF to put the box together. I cut the pieces, put glue on them, then delicately balanced it all together and used masking tape to hold it together till it dried.

Yes. Masking tape.

What do you use?

Here's the front view of the box - its made up of three offcuts glued and nailed together, then stained to match the interior orangey colour. I also dry brushed the front with some of the grey.

I chose a rusty antique handle from my collection. It had some green patina on it but I added to it to give it more character.

Here it is finished.

Not bad for a project that took me something like 3 months to finish...

So, what would you use it for? A handy side table with storage. A bedside table for a futon bed. Put a cushion on it and its a footstool.

I'm sure it'll come in useful for something!


Saturday, 29 August 2015

rustic windchime

So much for my plans of posting a bit more regularly. All the best intentions and all that... things just get away from me.

I may have mentioned I'm currently working 5 days a week. I gotta tell you, I'm loving the extra money. What I'm not loving is the time squeeze on doing my own stuff.

I've got a couple of projects on the go in the casita, one is finished and just waiting for me to be at home during the day, preferably when its not raining, so I can take pics of it to share.

Perhaps tomorrow will be the lucky day!

Meanwhile I thought I'd share my latest rustic windchime. I just love these things. I have the first one I ever made hanging in the middle of the living room cause the wind on the porch almost destroyed it. I think I'll be moving it to the mudroom or enclosed porch when I remember to do it.

I find these old hand sanders in tip shops occasionally and collect them. I then use my pre-rusted eye screws to hang all kinds of junk from them. I love to add some crystals for a bit of sparkle and copper wire for a bit of colour.

I still haven't cleaned up the office or moved things around as planned. Without a working light in there its kind of hard to do anything in the evening, but honestly, its such a mess in there that it fries me brain if I even think about tackling it.

Heck. I still haven't put away the washing I folded last weekend. Every time I need undies or socks I just grab them out of the basket, why bother putting them in the drawers?


I'm not a very good housewife. Turns out my grandmother was right. She said that if I couldn't iron properly I'd never make a good wife and no one would want to marry me.

Right on both counts!

Anyway, I don't iron - well or otherwise. If I can't wash and wear it, I don't buy it.

But I did learn something from my mother: if you hang things on the line properly (and fold them!) then you don't need to iron.

Turns out she hated ironing too.


Saturday, 22 August 2015

more wire work and plans

Sharing more pretty wire stuff.

Just cause I can.

And mainly cause right now its about the only thing I have which is both finished and photographed.

Last weekend I'd planned to clean up the office (again) and bring in the new/old wardrobe I want to use in there for storage.

The office hardly gets used any more. Not since I got a laptop and got rid of the ol' coal burner (my old desktop) and since winter set in.

See, the office is the furthest room from the wood heater. Its darn cold in there in winter. When I had the desktop in there and I had to use it every day, I kept the door opened all the time and had a small bar heater under the desk for my feet. Even then my fingers would often freeze.

I've decided I should swap the guest room and office. The guest room is a dull room right now. Its got a beigey brown carpet, taupe walls, a small window, the bed and tons of stuff I have to move out whenever we have visitors.

The office on the other hand is pretty. I removed the salmon carpet, did up the floorboards to match the kitchen and hallway, painted it white so its bright and cheerful, and it has a huge window which lets in the morning sun.

I'm thinking about putting the bed under the shelves and opposite the large antique map. The office is a long narrow room, meaning there'll be just enough room on either side of the bed for a bedside table, but the end of the room will be spacious enough to allow for the small cupboard I use as a linen cupboard. The map will make a great view from the bed and the shelves will look interesting around the bedhead.

The guest room is a square room with lots of wall space since it has such a small window. The carpet keeps it warmer in winter, and since its not salmon it can stay a while. Being closer to the wood heater means less chance of freezing fingers, plus its closer to the wifi modem. I want to move the printer, the printer/scanner, and the odd office bits out of the living room and into the new office.

Its bad enough Wayne has an office in here and I work in here, we don't need all the office stuff in here too.

So, last weekend I planned to clean up the office and bring up the new/old wardrobe to hold craft supplies as I mentioned. Then I thought, why move it up if I'm going to swap rooms? Makes no sense to move it twice, right?

I can't swap rooms till I get rid of Wayne for a weekend, though. He doesn't handle the mess of moving furniture well, and the swap would need the entire contents of the office and guest room being moved into the living room. A great time to do some really good cleaning, sorting and organising. I'll paint the guest room white to make it less depressing before moving all the office stuff into it, and I can have fun decorating the new guest room.

All of which will take way more than one weekend to do!


Meanwhile, today I wiped myself out. I'd done some grooming, had a late breakfast, then knuckled down to work. It was sunny so I pooper-scooped and tried weeding. The weeds won. There are just too many of them. Next time the weather is good enough I'm spraying the suckers.

I took apart our Whirlpool washing machine (I watched a Youtube video, how would you do it?) to try to sort out the annoying lint problem. Of course what I found in our washing machine wasn't exactly like I saw on Youtube, but heck, it still works and the lint problem can't be worse than it was! And it still works. That's gotta be a win.

I made a drawer for the sidetable/box on castors I've been working on. I started on a cut down chair which will be a bedside table for the new guest room. I was busy sanding the chair when I was suddenly hit by a wave of exhaustion. I could barely walk to the house and it took all I had to shower and wash my hair.

Maybe it was low blood sugar. I totally ran out of fuel.

Tomorrow is another day. Remind me to eat lunch.