Saturday, 30 May 2015

art from trash - some photos

I really wanted to share some photos of work at the Art From Trash exhibition which ends next week. Some of these photos were taken by myself but most were taken by the official photographer and I got them off the Art From Trash facebook page. Please visit their page to see more work.

I mostly just wanted to share the works that Wayne and I entered or have connection with through our jobs.

Firstly, here are Wayne's entries. This one is called Nucleus and is made of old metal, wire and wood. It looks best in the sunlight with the sun glinting off the silver and copper wires, contrasting with the rust and old wood. Its approximately 45cm tall.

This one is called Big Bang and is over a metre tall. Its free standing and is also made of different wires and metals. You can't tell in the photo, but there are silver and copper wires all mixed in together with rusty metal. Photos don't do it justice.

You've seen this one before. Its my Travelling Sidetable.

And of course, my Rooster In Print.

This is the Cosmos Collection, a collection of animals made from plastic and other 'junk'. These were made as part of 'making art from trash' workshops run at Cosmos (where Wayne and I work) in association with the Tasmanian Art Gallery.

Another Cosmos entry in the AFT is this Rock'n'Table, made by participants in our art programs. Obviously made of rocks and a slab of old wood.

Below is the work of a guy I tutor in art privately. Sam Bosworth is a very talented young man with autism and I love working with him and watching him develop his wiring skills. This entry is called Fly Wire and is made of old coat hangers, old plastic toys and wire. 

You can't really see the many different coloured wire in the pieces.

And in case you missed last year's AFT, these were my entries - the Junkyard Dogs.

This little guy is made of wire, plastic toys, dog hair and electric cables.

This guy is plastic toys and wire.

This one is old cables and cardboard.

Lastly, the smallest in the bunch, wire, dog hair and a dash of possum hair and dryer lint.

I'll leave you with a fun one - this is one of last year's Cosmos entries. The Tin Man was something I assisted one of our participants to make.

So much fun! That's the best part of my job: working with people with disabilities to create art.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

a poodle love affair and bed hopping

Its never been a secret that I love my poodles. In fact, if you know me at all, you know all about how I love my poodles.

They make me smile when I come home at the end of a day at work. The feel of their coats under my fingers comforts me and even when they do naughty things I can't be angry at them. They are my family.

There's just something really special about poodles. Of all sizes. Standard poodles are more dog to hug, miniature poodles are big enough to carry and a good armful to hug, and toy poodles are great value cause you can fit more of them on your lap.

Really, they're just the perfect dogs.

But enough gushing. I wanted to share about the bed hopping that's been going on around here lately.

The canine bed hopping, I mean. Don't get too excited.

Here is Romeo in Barney's small bed.

Here is Romeo in the bigger bed.

Here is Montana on the couch.

And here is Barney in his own bed.

On the weekend I made some new covers for the pillows that are in the dog beds. Cause I didn't just buy dog beds... I bought extra soft and squishy pillows to go into them. I needed new covers for them so I can change them and wash them. Especially stinky Barney's pillow. (He's not a poodle and thus both sheds AND smells!)

I got a flanelette sheet from an op shop with little cars on it, perfect for a little boy dog, and I had the purple sheep flanelette in my fabric stash. I was able to make 3 new covers, but had to use a piece of and old sheet in purple ones as the turn over bit... You know what I mean. I make these covers just like regular pillow slips with a folded-in side to hold the pillow in place. I actually love the contrast.

Anyway, before I go, here's another, gratuitous, picture of a poodle.



Tuesday, 26 May 2015

the baby booty experiment

I've never made baby booties before, but I've done a ton of work with felt and blanket stitch. And I'm always up for trying something new.

So when a friend at work became a grandma for the first time I thought it'd be a good time to try my hand at baby booties.

First I looked up felt booties on Pinterest and I found a few different styles and patterns. I picked this easy one, then took liberties with it.

The result is these cute little booties which are just perfect if the little baby's feet are slightly different sizes.


Its handmade, right? It doesn't have to be perfect...!


Monday, 25 May 2015

rustic rooster

I'm tired so this post will be big on photos and light on witticisms. 

I'm having trouble keeping my eyelids open... I apologise, however I did want to share my second entry in the Art From Trash exhibition.

This entry is about 70% recycled and 30% art. I really wanted to combine my art with my trash. 

I used a piece of thin MDF which I got off the back of a 2nd hand frame, I decoupaged pages from an old book onto it. I then drew this gorgeous rooster on it using pastels.

Once the artwork was finished I sprayed it with matt picture varnish to set the pastels so they don't smudge. And then I framed it.

I've had these bits of wood in the casita since we bought the farm. They've obviously come off an old house... probably this one. I'm thinking they're door or window frames.

Whatever, I loved the chippy look so I kept them thinking I'd make something out of them one day. And the day came!

I'm not a particularly good framer. In fact, I suck at it. But I did what I could, I used small brackets at the back to hold the frame together, then I used old hardware on the front of the frame to add a bit more rust to my rustic...

My rooster is for sale, hopefully he'll find a good home cause I really don't have the space for him at home. 

Then again, I can always make space...


Sunday, 24 May 2015

a little change in the bedroom

I've stopped counting - new bed linen for our bed

I finally managed to put one of the new doona covers on the bed this weekend. I ordered this and another online, they were on sale for $35 each... that's incredibly cheap. How can a girl resist that sort of sale?

This last pic is probably more correct colour-wise, though I guess it also will depend on your monitor.

Our bedroom has a personality disorder... dark and masculine in some parts, feminine and white in others...

And its all my fault.

Our bedroom walls are a medium blue, a really nice colour and very relaxing. The curtains are dark brown and blue, the bed and bedside tables are dark brown in a country style. They came with Wayne, and somehow seemed more suited to us as a couple than my lighter coloured timber (and lighter style) bed which is in the guest room.

I loved Wayne's chunky bed, though I'm not overly fond of the bedside tables. I also loved his dark brown bedding so I decided to go with that colour scheme: blue and brown. Its a more masculine room, but comfy and warm.

I hated the plain pine wardrobe and chests of drawers so I painted those antique white. Thus we have a room which is Wayne on one side and Zefi on the other. The bed side is all dark wood and Wayne's american indian stuff, the other side is all antique white chests and wardrobe with family photos and knicknacks.

One day I'd love a white on white bedroom but it won't be happening any time soon. I'm not up to repainting the big bed or bedsides and ain't no way we're buying new furniture right now. Its either make/recycle/revamp things we have or I find at a tip shop or live with what we have.

Frankly, given its taken me years to paint the chests of drawers and I've dragged on the wardrobe makeover for months now... its doesn't look promising.

So I make do with small changes, like a new doona cover.


Saturday, 23 May 2015

travelling sidetable with serving tray top

I did say I had some stuff to share... well, here is the first one. I call it the Travelling Sidetable and its one of my entries in the current Hobart City Council Art From Trash exhibition which opened yesterday. I know it wouldn't really have made a difference but it didn't feel right to share this till the exhibition opened.

I've had this little suitcase for some years now. I used it to store craft supplies for the first couple of years, then its been in the shed waiting for a makeover since.

The top was ripped when I got it so I always planned to make it into a side table, but I left it under a window one day and the poodles jumped all over it totally destroying the top, ripping it off the sides and pretty much making it beyond repair.

I ripped what was left of the top off but kept the rim with the locks. I glued the cream edging back on and glued the top to the bottom as well to make it one solid piece.

The inside wasn't in bad condition but I'd had a craft glue spill that lifted some of the lining when I pulled it off, so the inside needed something to jazz it up. A friend gave me some educational magazines aimed at kids in the 60's. They were so old fashioned and the cheap paper had yellowed... they were perfect! I used some articles and illustrations from those inside. I loved the colours and some of the headlines.

Of course it needed a new top. I had found that the packers used between products in pallets were usually offcuts of tasmanian oak. The hardware store throws these out so I scavenged some pieces from their pile. I glued and clamped them together, then traced the suitcase shape on the back, allowing for about an inch overhang all round. I reinforced the back with strips of timber, both to hold the slats together and to 'lock' the top in place on the suitcase.

I sanded the top and gave it a few coats of leftover polyurethane from when I did my kitchen, office and hallway floors. That made the colours really pop.

In order to fit legs on it, I cut some thick MDF and used liquid nails and some button head screws to attach it securely to the bottom of the suitcase. The legs came from the tip shop and they already had castors on them which was a bonus. I just cleaned them up and rubbed some dark wax on them.

Meanwhile, I cut up what was left of an old belt I'd used to make handles on a tray ages ago and used small screws to attach each handle, effectively making the top into a handy tray.

Everything used to make this suitcase sidetable came from tip shops, op shops and bins, thus its 100% recycled material.


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Friday, 22 May 2015

what greeted us when we got home last night

This is what we saw when we got home last night:

Of course, it was dark when we got home, so we didn't so much see it as feel it. Wayne stepped onto the porch first and said, "I don't know what's going on here, but it can't be good..."

Seems one of the dogs (not naming names, but it starts with 'R' and ends with 'omeo') decided he needed to dig through the walls to get at something under the house.

Luckily the timber walls are stronger than the plaster walls he's already rearranged in the casita, but everything in the way of his exploration paid the price.

Thankfully nothing was broken. Just ripped bags, chewed cardboard and lots and lots of small bits to pick up.

One good thing came of it I guess... when I had to kneel on that manky old carpet piece that's been our outside mat forEVER, I realised just how grimey it was. I actually went and cut another piece of old carpet and made a newer/cleaner outdoor mat.

And while I was at it, I cut a new piece for the back of the ute (truck to some).

Just in case you're thinking our dogs are naughty... most of the time they're cute, cuddly and adorable. See above - Montana sleeping on an armchair. How cute is that?

And Romeo on the couch which he seems to have claimed as his own. He makes sure to stretch out as much as he can so no one else can fit on it!

Barney, meanwhile, has his own bed... which Montana likes to steal when she can.

You always know when Montana is in Barney's bed cause he lurks around, looking miserable till we notice and go move her along. Then he's back in it like a shot.

Well, today I bought Montana her own new bed. Its bigger than the one Barney has cause she's bigger than him. Soon as I got it home Barney claimed it.

Montana seems to prefer the smaller basket. Seriously, she loves small crates. She will fold herself into miniature poodle size crates.

Anyway, after all that you might be thinking "All this is very well, but what happened to the small changes challenge she set herself? All that big talk and then she stops posting/sharing/doing for twelve (12) whole days? Then she has the nerve to post about DOGS as if nothing's happened? Does she think we didn't notice she fell off the wagon? What sort of example is she setting? Who does she think she is?..."

Get off my back!

I've been busy, ok!

I've been busy, and tired, and lazy.

I took some time off from doing stuff.

And housework.

I chose to watch TV instead of logging on in the evenings. I have a few things to share, which I will do over the next few days. I'll drip feed it all and try to stretch it out so it looks like I've done more than I've actually done.

Don't give up on me yet.