Monday, 29 February 2016

new cabinet for the grooming room

New, old, whatever. Its the same thing to me.

Its the new cabinet for my grooming room. Up till recently I had a monstrous pink bookcase/desk combination in that spot. Nothing wrong with it... other than it was pink.

In fact, I gave the pink bookcase to a friend who's using it as extra storage space in her kitchen. Of course she'll repaint it.

But for my grooming room, I like this better! It reminds me of a gorgeous old kitchen cabinet thing I had in Melbourne. That one was bigger - 3 cupboards and drawers. And it had etched glass in the top bit. I bought it at the Salvation Army and it was original yellowed white paint with the same fake dark timber doors. I painted the doors pale yellow. left the naturally antiqued white, changed the handles and adored it. Unfortunately when I moved to Tasmania there was nowhere to put it in my new house so I gave it to a friend.

I believe in what goes around comes around. I gave someone something I loved, I got something from someone else.

Now I have this cute little old cabinet for the grooming room. Maybe I'll repaint it one day. Maybe not. The fact that its smaller and not so PINK means that corner is already brighter.

These photos were taken before I filled the shelves with my myriad tools and potions. The room even looks sort of tidy and organised.

I like it.

The other side (the one I didn't photograph) is stacked full of stuff I took out of the silver shed...

I cleaned out the silver shed, then filled it right back up with a friend's stuff.

I'm not good at empty spaces.

Its a character flaw.

The friend who's stuff I'm storing is the friend who gave me this little cabinet.

What goes around, comes around.


Sunday, 28 February 2016

quick and easy fingerless gloves

...Or what to do with knitted squares...

Long story, but I got ahold of some knitted squares. The obvious things to do with them are to: make a blanket, a scarf, cushion covers...

Or fingerless gloves!

These were so easy to make and look so cute that I decided to share in case you have knitted squares, or if you can knit and can only make squares...

So here goes:

I opted for blanket stitching the side in a contrast colour and to decorate with some buttons. I think you could make them out of scraps of polar fleece fabric just as easily. 

They're so cute everyone wants a pair.  Can't wait till winter so I can wear them for real.


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Saturday, 27 February 2016

the kitchen sink

When renovating the kitchen, I chose a double sink (1 and 3/4 actually) with a single drainboard. I mean, I had a dishwasher, right? I no longer needed all the drainboard space to drip dry all the dishes I wash.

Well, what was happening was that piles of dirty dishes, cups, cutlery and other items would pile on the benchtop and sit there waiting for me to put them in the dishwasher, which meant I had to first empty the dishwasher... 

Wayne hates things stacked IN the sink cause he can't fill the kettle or whatever, so they ended up on the one drainboard, then overflowed onto the other side on the bench.

The mess wasn't the issue. I mean I can turn a blind eye if it means not having to do a chore, but the items sitting on the benchtop have caused the varnish in that area to flake.

I should have used oil based varnish. Live and learn.

Now, the sensible thing would be to NOT pile up dishes, to put everything in the dishwasher soon as it was finished with, empty the dishwasher soon as its finished, etc.

But who am I kidding?

I'm not that person. I try, but I can only sustain an immitation of  "Perfect Housewife" for a few days, then I lapse straight back into "Slovenly Housekeeper".

So... I found this cute little enamel tray in my stuff. 

I'd forgotten I had it.

See, cleaning up occasionally is a good idea!

Anyway, I put some rubber stoppers under it which do two things: they stop it from sliding and they keep it off the bench so water won't sit under it and do further damage to the bench.

Its the spot we can now rest dirty things till its time to put them in the dishwasher, allowing the sinks to remain free so we can actually use them.

Funny thing... since I put the tray there there's been no mess in the kitchen. I put things in the dishwasher and empty it straight away.


It won't last.


Friday, 26 February 2016

aliens in the garden

You know how hard it is to get flowers to grow? I mean really. You plant them, water them, baby them, plead with them, then they either go and die or the dogs dig them up.

And by 'you', I mean 'I'.

Yet, some plants just pop up where you least expect them.

Or plants you don't want pop up everywhere.

Here is one I did want. Verbena, growing on the edge of the footpath, nowhere near where it used to be in the garden bed (where it no longer is cause it all died!).

And here are some yellow buttercups growing between the retaining wall which holds up our driveway and the carpeted footpath.

Ok, we didn't really carpet the footpath, think of it as a heavy duty weed barrier.

Which didn't deter the buttercups.

Who knew they were such resilient little suckers? Not me. There are 6 of these little guys growing between the carpet and the wall or the house.

Only the yellow ones.

I don't like yellow ones.

I pulled the yellow ones out before I pulled out the pinks or whites. Wierd.

Then there's this:

A pumpkin plant! Its growing alongside the fence on the dam side of the house.

I figure it grew from a pumpkin seed we tossed out for the ducks.

What about the foxgloves?

I put in a couple of plants a few years ago and they're growing everywhere now. I try to stop them taking over by cutting down the flowers before they seed. Doesn't stop them though. They'll grow in anything.

At least they're pretty.

Then there's the unwanted aliens - like this prickly customer in the middle of my succulent garden patch.

Yeah, yeah, there's a ton of white clover as well. I haven't weeded in a while.

I also have about 7 or 8 tiny avonview lavender bushes growing in the concrete that passes as soil on our embankment. That's the area I filled with tyres in order to get things to grow. These little plants have just come up on their own! I can't figure out how the seeds managed to not roll off the slope, let alone get a grip and put down roots!

Plants are pretty incredible.


Sunday, 14 February 2016

cataracts and seeing straight

Last year I was getting blurry vision a lot, it seemed that my eyes were always tired and I'd rub them to try to see clearly again. I thought I needed new glasses.

I went to the optometrist but after the eye test he refused to give me new glasses. He said it would be a waste of time. And money. He said I had cataracts - advanced in my right eye, only just beginning in my left. My eyesight had been pretty much stable since I was about 20. My right eye went from 0.5 to 2.5 in the last year. Whatever that means in eye-speak.

Anyway, long story short, I was sent to a specialist who said its a fast moving type of cataract, different from the common one which happens with old age, and that surgery to replace the crappy lens with a new plastic one was the way to go.

I had the surgery on my right eye last Thursday and it went well, Apparently. But my eyesight is still really wierd.

Sometimes its blurry and other times its super sharp. Never having done anything like this before I'm really not sure how its meant to go and how long till its settled.

I'm not sure I like my new plastic lens... On the other hand, I didn't much like my old blurry one either...


Monday, 8 February 2016

what to do with the foundry cogs

When I saw these little beauties I just knew I had to have them.

No idea what I'd do with them.

I just knew I wanted them.

They're cute.

"I have no idea what this is, but I love the shape" has lead to a whole lot of interesting acquisitions!

Anyway, I was thinking about what I could do with them and went into the workshop to have a little look...

What do you think? Aren't these the bestest jewellery holders you've ever seen?

These are the two smallest of the cogs. The bottom bits are lamp bases which I've had for a while (cause I knew I'd need them for something special one day!) They're not attached yet as I was just trying them out. When I do finish them I'll need to put small nails on the ends of each tooth to hold the chains on effectively.

The tops make great spots for earrings or bracelets. In fact, I'm thinking I'd need to keep both cause they're just perfect for different items... longer chains, shorter chains...

The largest cog is currently trying out this tall base I have... I'm not really sure what this is from and its not perfect. If I decide to go this way I'll paint it white cause I love the black and white look...

The biggest cog has way more space on top for smaller items of jewellery too.

So, what do you think? I have to go ahead with this, right? I mean, they're perfect!

I was thinking of wall art, maybe, but without any real plan... can you think of anything better?

Go on. I challenge you... Tell me if there's anything you can think I could use the cogs for and I'll consider all ideas. Otherwise I'm making these permanent! :)


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Sunday, 7 February 2016

finds at the car show

Today we went to a car show.

I love car shows.

I'm such a boy.

Mainly its cause I spent years and years living in the 50s... not literally! I danced rock'n'roll both for pleasure and for competition, and vintage cars and r'n'r go hand in hand. 

I used to dream of owning one of these:


But right now, I'd love one of these:

Or these:

Or these... not so much in the fin department, but the wider, flatter, bigger cars. So cool.

Mind you, I wouldn't knock back one of these:

Or one of these:

So cute.

But I have a thing about trucks now too... like this:

Or this.... drool.

This one was for sale. Only $32k. I gave Wayne permission to buy it. 

Sometimes I'm such a boy!

Anyway, we didn't buy the truck, but I still managed to spend my money (and some of Wayne's!... ok, all of mine and all of Wayne's...)

I got this cute sign which will find a spot in my workshop.

And these cute rusty items, cause you know how much I love rust!

What about that light globe!!! Isn't it adorable? I don't care if it doesn't work (which I doubt it does)... I'm going to hang it over my desk and just admire it!

These little tins (full of old greasy stuff) were intended for Wayne's garage but for now...

They're sitting on top of one of the 'shelves' I put in my workshop.

Last but not least are these wonderful foundry molds/cogs. They're solid timber and I love them! Sorry the photo's a bit blurry but you get the idea.

All in all I'd say it was a good day!