Wednesday, 23 November 2016

doll remake - the walking dead bratz dolls!

I'm a big Walking Dead fan. Huge fan.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking... zombies, brains, blood, gore...??? Well, I'd have said the same thing before I got hooked on the series. A friend gave me Season 1 and I had nothing better to watch one day...

That was the end of it. I'm addicted. I share this addiction with a few close friends and I do my best to spread the contagion around. My brother said no way to watching it. He's now hanging out for each new episode of Season 7.

What can I say?

Anyway, this post isn't about my TV habits. Its about my newest hobby. Passion if you like... Bratz dolls. 

REMADE Bratz dolls.

There's a lady here in Tasmania who's gotten famous worldwide with her Bratz remakes. She takes the extreme dolls and makes them into 'normal' kids.

As much as I admire the motivation behind her remakes, I think the dolls are boring. Plain. 

From an art perspective of course! :)

When I got my first Barbie a few months ago I began a downhill slide... I now have 5 Barbies. All early 60's versions. One of them had missing hair plugs and another has a green face. I bought them thinking I would have a go at restoring them after seeing the amazing work some people do on dolls. More on the Barbies in the future.

Meanwhile I became obsessed with doll remakes and repair. I watched videos. I read blogs. I itched to make my own dolls. I found some Bratz in a local 2nd hand store and brought them home. One had her hair cropped off and that inspired me to make Carol from the Walking Dead. Another was a black girl so it was obvious she was Michonne. I chose these characters because I love them and find them inspiring.

My Carol doll already had cut off hair so after washing her and removing her face, I gave her a better haircut first up. Dolls who aren't meant to have short hair aren't rooted evenly all over their heads, so she had bald spots. I used tacky glue and tufts of hair to fill these in. 

When her face was dry I did my first ever face repaint using a photo of Carol for reference. I gave her stud earrings and then began to dress her.

I made all Carol's clothes myself. Imperfectly. I'm not the best sewer when working on human sized clothing, imagine making stuff under 3 inches big!

When Wayne saw me ironing Carol's shirt he about flipped. I don't iron HIS shirts! :) In my defense, I only had to plog the iron on top of the shirt as it lay flat...

Anyway, moving right along, I made Carol a singlet out of an old jumper, a shirt with seed beads for buttons, and cargo pants out of scraps of fabric. At this point I'm glad I keep all kinds of crap. I made my own patterns using some old Bratz clothes I pulled apart and a lot of guesswork. Naturally patterns are a fluid thing here... always changing cause I always seem to get something wrong! Still I'm loving doing it.

Carol has a trench knife (actually she has two, one is bigger than the other with a silver blade, the other is all black) and a gun. Her belt is made of a tiny strip of leather off an old jacket I bought years ago and never did anything with. The buckle is a rusty washer. The knife sheath is also made from the same leather.

Since Bratz feet and shoes are all one, I had to find a way to make Carol some boots. At the time I didn't have any which suited, the best I could do were these high heeled sandals which I made into boots.

First I painted them, twice to get the shade right. Then I added laces... Talk about tiny work! I got slivers of leather, put bronze coloured crimps at each end and glued them in place. Voila. Lace up boots. I even scuffed them up a bit.

Here is the before and after photo.

Michonne was a much bigger remake.

With Michonne I had to remove all the doll's hair, repaint the face, then give her dredlocks. I did this by wet felting squares of black and different shades of brown wool. I then cut those up and worked them into dreds. I glued those onto the doll's head one layer at a time, making a head band out of a scrap of fabric.

Michonne's jeans are original Bratz clothes but the rest of her outfit I made myself. The leather jacket and belt are both made from the same leather jacket. Details were painted on the jacket. The belt has silver studs which I just realized aren't visible in the photos...

Since I couldn't give her gloves I gave her a wristband - a Monster High accessory I adapted. Her boots were a wierd tan brown so I painted them black with silver details to look like biker boots.

The hardest bit of Michonne is her katana sword. I've made 3 of them so far. The first was air dry clay didn't take the paint well - so it crackled... Nice effect in itself, but on a sword? The second was all polymer clay and I broke it while trying to straighten it. The third is a mix of hammered wire and polymer clay. That was looking really promising till I broke the handle yesterday while try to pose her with it in her hand. I'll be making another one today, with more wire in it to keep it strong.

Both the katana and the sheath need painting for Michonne to be finished. Then I'll list them both on ebay. I'm hoping they'll make someone happy this Christmas.

I've been going through some stuff recently and I've spent a lot of time just wasting time, feeling down. That's the reason I decided to stop blogging. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep going with it at the time. But then I thought I wouldn't let something else stop me doing something I enjoy.

This new hobby has been great for me as its something that I enjoy doing and has been making me feel so much better. I love being creative but when I'm down I can't find the motivation to do anything. Doing dolls, even in bits and spurts as I've been doing these girls, is a small way to get me up and doing stuff.

So does the garden. And my dogs. And grooming dogs. Those are things which make me feel good about myself, so I'm doing them as much as I can. I was told I needed to look after myself and make myself happy. Doing a radio show on Sundays where I play music I love, making art, DIY stuff, the garden and dogs are what make me feel good inside.

And I'm a show off so I'm showing off what I make!


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Monday, 21 November 2016

spanakopita the way mom makes it

I don't cook much. I used to enjoy cooking, but I got tired of doing it all the time. Now I only cook when the mood takes me. These last couple of weeks that I've been off work I've been cooking more than usual as I figure I owe it to Wayne. He works hard, long hours, and he deserves to come home to a cooked dinner... Though meat and two veg isn't my type of dinner.


On Sunday I decided it was time to make a spanakopita again. I hadn't made one for months! Maybe even a year!

Its really easy, except the rolling out dough bit... I'm useless at that as you can see by the top of it in the pic... 

I've had a fear of pastry all my life, since the time I made pizza dough that you could use to panel beat a car with. But this pastry is easy peasy. Even I can do it. And its so tasty!

Anyway, I thought I'd share the love and post the recipe so you can try it yourselves. The pastry recipe I got from a greek lady in Hobart, the filling is what mom taught me years ago.


2 cups plain flour
pinch of salt
1 1/2 cups boiling hot water (the recipe I got was typically greek - it said 1 glass of water! Glass, what's a glass? A tall glass? A wine glass? A tumber?)
1/2 cup olive oil (or 3/4, again I had to translate the glass thing... 1/2 a glass of olive oil is roughly 1/2 to 3/4 cups apparently... at least by my numerically challenged calculations)

Place all ingredients in a food processor and turn it on. It'll knead itself. Let it cool a while before turning out onto a floured surface.


500g frozen spinach (or the equivalent in fresh spinach which I'm too lazy to use)
1-2 leeks
dill. Plenty of it. I use those small tubes from the supermarket and use the whole thing. 
2-3 eggs
feta cheese cut into cubes. (same applies: plenty of it)

I defrost the spinach, strain and squeeze the excess water out of it and put it in a bowl. Chop up and lightly brown the leek in a frying pan, let it cool a bit and add it to the bowl. Squeeze in the dill (or chop it up and add it if you're one of those annoying 'all fresh' kind of people). Cut up and add the feta. Gently beat the eggs and add them. Mix it all together. 

Line your baking tray with baking paper. If you're good enough to roll out half the pastry into one big sheet you can then deposit into the baking tray without it breaking, stretching or folding onto itself, then go ahead and do it that way - show-off.

If you're like me (useless), put half the pastry in the middle of the tray and then use your fingers to spread it out till it covers the entire surface and even up the sides a little bit.

Spread the filling all over it.

Then comes the fun part... roll out the pastry and put it on top. If you can do it in one piece then, wow, you win a cigar. If not, do what I do and just roll out bits and pieces and do a patchwork top. Your stomach won't care.

Bake it in a moderate oven till its nice golden brown on top.


Its great hot, warm and cold. I keep mine in the fridge and just grab a bit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No wonder I haven't made it for that long. I made it once a week for a while and OD-ed on it.


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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

i'm baaaack!

Yes, I'm back. A lot has happened around here since I last posted, but I feel in a better place to share our life, news and my projects once again.

For starters, I'd like to share the old bike I rescued from a trip to the tip. It will eventually sit in the garden but till then I've leaned it up against the porch railing and started off some plants will which one day, hopefully, explode into colour and drape all over it.

I had a couple of rusty baskets, one of which was an actual bike basket for the handlebars. I lined them with plastic after poking some holes in for drainage, and filled them with potting mix. I then plonked in some plants.

I found this pitiful looking little plant at a garage sale - the daisies are so pretty I had to have it despite its one foot in the grave appearance.

Its looking like its going to the big garden in the sky right now so I may go ahead and move it to the embankment. Daisies obviously love it there, which is great, as I love the embankment covered in daisies.

When pulling weeds I dug up and added some alysum. Love that stuff. It grows anywhere - my kind of plant - and looks like clouds of white fluff.

The front basket got a gaura which was growing in a pot - it was a cutting... well, a broken branch from one of the established plants. I added a bit of catmint for its trailing propteries. Both of those are doing well, though the gaura will need to be moved as its way too big for a bike basket.

The garden is looking amazing right now with all the spring flowers. I've been sharing tons of photos of it on Facebook but might do a separate post on the blog about it soon.

Things on the farm are great. We have 6 ducklings in Stalag 13. The ducklings were easy to catch though I did throw myself on the ground in a most undignified way in their pursuit. The mother took us all day to catch. In the end we set up a dog crate and trapped her in it. I don't think she's forgiven us yet, but the ducklings are still alive! Unlike poor Little Herman IIs ducklings which disappeared in a matter of 3 days.

Sharing Stalag 13 with the duck family is a chicken. She hatched 3 babies who unfortunately got out of the dog house she's using as a nesting box, then couldn't get back in and froze to death over night. We were so upset. We've raised chickens in there before and that never happened before. Its always something. We now have a ramp so it won't happen again. The hen is still sitting. She had 2 of her own eggs and I gave her 2 from another of the girls. Fingers crossed. More chickens would be welcome, though no more roosters. The older rooster is being hounded to death by his much bigger son. Its sad. Other than letting them sort it out I don't know what to do. Chopping one rooster's head off was suggested, but... um... no.

We have 5 goslings as well. Doris, the younger of our geese, hatched them out yesterday. Since then its been lovely to watch the group walking around the paddocks - Doris with her babies, surrounded by the boys guarding her. 

Annabelle, the older goose, is still sitting on her nest. They should hatch soon. Hank has made it his life's work to guard Annabelle. We always know which boy is Hank, he has a squinty eye so he always looks like he's watching you like a mafia boss. He's also the one out front every time we step out into the paddock warning us to behave or else.

The youngest goose doesn't have a name as we really can't tell him apart from Jethro, the other original goose. It's hard to tell pure white boys apart... At least the girls have different markings.

The horses are all in great condition thanks to all the feed in the paddocks. Wally is his usual cranky self, Dancer is as sweet as ever and she and Cass continue to dislike eachother. Little Chipmunk foundered again so he's back in the starvation paddock. He's not too impressed. We allow him into the casita (my workshop!) to get out of the weather and out of the mud when its been raining a lot. Now he's bored he's beginning to do naughty things. The other day he emptied the bag of rubbish all over the floor. I was not too impressed.

There's been no progress on the new grooming room, but hopefully I'll be taking all the rubbish/plaster to the tip soon and I can begin working on the walls. Which reminds me... where is the electrician? Hm... He was meant to come last week.

On a more personal note, I've taken time off work and am spending my days building up my home grooming business, painting, gardening, and playing with dolls.

Yes. You read that well. Dolls.

Ok, not playing as such, but remaking.

I'll share in another post once I'm ready to show the world what I've been doing. Lets just say its a new hobby for me and I'm loving it.

So there you have it. For now. See you again soon.